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General Instructions :
  • Parents or any other person should not visit the classes or meet the teachers during school hours without prior permission of the principal. They should come during the visiting hours only.
  • Students should not remain absent from school without permission.
  • In case a parent wishes to withdraw his/her child from the school one month's notice must be given or else one month's fees must be deposited.
  • Students should be regular and punctual in attending the school.
  • Students will not be sent home before time except on a written request from the parents. The permission may be granted by the principal only for very special reasons.
  • No books, periodicals, comics etc. should be brought to the school without the approval of the principal.
  • No exemption can be granted from compulsary games etc without a doctor's certificate.
  • It is suggested that student should not bring money, valuables, Jewellery etc. The school will not be responsible on their loss.
  • A student suffering from contagious disease should not be sent to the school till the student is completely free from infection.
  • The school does not bear any responsibility for a child getting hurt while playing during school hours. However, prompt medical attention will be provided, for which the parents have to bear the expenses.
  • While leaving the classrooms, the lights and fans must be switched off.
  • Attendence of all students is compulsory in school on national festivals i.e. The 15th August and The 26th January etc.