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Residence for Staff
                                                          The School Provides Residential Facilities to its teaching Staff Members. Flats having separate lat-baths with ample natural light, proper ventilation, drainage and sufficient airy environment along with free electricity and 24 hours running water supply are provided to staff members. No staff member is discriminated by caste creed or status. The school equally treats all employees as respected service providers or professional. Also the staff is provided a vehicle in a group every day for their marketing purpose.

Residing Facilities

                                                                  In order to achieve the goal of providing fruitful education laid down by the society. The KIS will provide its facilities a state of art housing facility with proper supply of electricity water in a healthy environment, close to the nature. So as to ensure the peacefulness and calmness of mind and body away from the pollutted aurroundings of the town. Which definitely will enhance the result and quality of the education. Which the institution fore see as a major tool of human resource development.